St Mary's Church Interior Cropped

Keeping You Safe

With our Church now reopened we want to ensure all parishoners that we're doing everything we can so you can practice your faith safely.

We're following all protocols for masks and physical distancing with pews clearly marked for where you can sit spaced out from other parishoners. Our ushers are also on hand to assist you at each mass.

In addition, an army of volunteers is sanatizing all touch points of the church between each mass.

We're excited to see so many of you and happy to welcome more of you back soon.


Covid-19 Safety Rules Reminder

Masks are mandatory and must be worn over your nose.

No singing.

Maintain 6 feet distance.

If you are sick please stay home.

Sanitize upon entering Church

When going to communtion remember to stop on the circle in frot of Father as he says "the Body of Christ". From that spot an with your mask on you respond "Amen." Proceed forward to receive the Bledded Sacrament in our hand with your mask on. Move 10 feet to the side, plull down your mask and consume the Blessed Sacrament.